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Battle Calcul is a mental calculation game immersing the player in a new experience of that mathematic sport.
Battle Calcul can be played up to 8 players simultaneously.


The player must resolve operations before the countdown reach zero. Each time he did three good answers, he win some time.
The more he "survives", the more his score increases, and the more he wins "wips" (virtual money).
At the end of a game, a rank appears, which gets better relatively to the score.


The average of the five last games of the player is updated in an online database each time it is better than the previous one.
In game, the player can see his rankings in the world, in his country, his town, or among his friends. He can also see the top 20 of each categories' bests players.


The player can spend the wips (virtual money) he won in the solo mode to purchase items that allow him to win more money each time he plays.
These wips are also necessary to unblock some aspects of the game, like the scenario.
Each purchased item is visible in the player inventory, and can be improved.

IV - BATTLE MODE (Real-time multiplayer)

The battle mode can be played up to 8 players competing in the same game.
The solo mode countdown disappears, replaced by life bars. When a player answer correct to an operation, he increases his bars, and make all the other players' bars decrease.
The operations to be resolve are the same for everyone.
The Battle mode can be played in a team mode, a "blind mode", and a "balanced mode".

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